Foundational Leadership : Course Outline

Foundational Leadership – no success without the basics!



During the Foundational Leadership Workshop participants will:

•         Learn about management and leadership and understand the different roles a leader has.

•         Learn more about leading themselves and others.

•         Analyse and learn how to lead others and most importantly, how to delegate.

•         Learn and practice the different elements of Performance Management, including giving feedback and having difficult conversations.

•         Learn how to build and develop a winning team.

•         Understand that recruiting is a key task as leader; and learn how to do it properly.

•         Learn about peer coaching.



Pre-and Post-Workshop Preparation

For enriching learning and exchange experience, participants will be encouraged to:

•         Share individual organisational cases that they may wish to analyse and find solutions for (e.g. performance, difficult conversation, conflict).

•         Draft an action-plan with a follow-up session with the facilitator (Skype, email).

•         Find a peer coach to embed skills acquired through follow up ad-hoc meetings or calls.

•         A Leadership Style test will be conducted.




Leadership & Management

•         What does it take to lead?

•         Leading myself

•         Leading others

•         Discover your leadership styles

•         Delegation the most important leadership task


Leadership & Performance Management

•         Managing performance

•         Delivering performance feedback

•         Difficult conversations

•         Dealing with conflicts


Building your team

•         Recruiting the right people and your role as a leader

•         Interview technique

•         Team building