General Management and Work Environment

This course aims to enable the student to analyse cutting edge and present state-of-the-art advanced studies of organisations, their management and changing nature. It also prepares the student for further research or study in the area and to develop the ability to apply knowledge and understand or conceptualise innovative business practices, both systematically and creatively. There is an emphasis on understanding and responding to change and consideration of the future of organisations, and the external context in which they operate.


The second part of the course aims at enhancing lifelong learning skills and personal development to ensure self-direction and originality while contributing to business and society at large. In addition, the course enables students to use relevant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools and applications to manage a business.


Upon successful completion of this course students will, through assessment activities, show evidence of their ability to:

  1. Evaluate and conceptualise alternatives of value creation on individual, business and corporate levels.
  2. Differentiate and apply advanced management concepts based on a functional view, including planning, organising, leading and controlling, as well as the management role approach.
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive and systematic knowledge of the evolution of management science and management practice, as well as theories and practices matching the organisational environment, stability and turbulence. 
  4. Evaluate concepts of organisational learning in connection with the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
  5. Develop solutions to management challenges within a rapidly changing environment.
  6.  Apply advanced ICT based tools for research collaborative work in a knowledge-based organisation environment.

Comprehensive Learning Outcome: Evaluate and apply advanced concepts of business administration, and practical corporate management tools, to improve management practice and solve real world organisational problems.