Risk Management : Course Outline

RISK MANAGEMENT: An imperative to achieving organisational success.



From this workshop, delegates will: -

•         Understand standard approaches to risk identification and measurement

•         Gain insight into how business risks can be managed more effectively 

•         Develop appropriate response to risk events that impact on their organisations

•         Incorporate risk assessment and analysis into a range of business decision-making processes




1.        Defining Risk

•         Definition of risk

•         Concepts of probability and severity

•         The macro environment

•         Kinds of risks

•         Common terms

•         Global survey on international business risks


2.         Global risks in the big wide world, which we cannot easily control

•         Environmental risks

•         Controllable vs uncontrollable events

•         Demographics

•         Sovereign risk


3.       National risks which we can address, if not control

•         Governmental risks

•         Legal risks – legislation

•         Demographics and unemployment

•         Commodity prices

•         Exchange rates

•         Inflation and wages

•         Failure of vital utilities and institutions


4.       Risks confronting the Financial and Banking sectors

•         Systemic risks

•         Players in the industry

•         Market risks

•         Reputational risk

•         Currency risks

•         Lending risk

•         Funding risk

•         Enterprise risk profiles - ALCO and VaR

•         Duration mismatches

•         Pricing mismatches

•         Securitisation of assets

•         Hedging using derivatives


5.       Risks confronting the Industrial sector

•         Industrial sectors facing  local and Global risk

•         Legislative risk

•         Environmental risk

•         Cost and pricing

•         Labour


6.       How can we manage and mitigate the risks?

•         Global trends in risk management

•         Enterprise-wide integrated risk management

•         7x7 probability and severity matrix

•         Pre-agreed action plans for risk mitigation

•         Project management – project risk

•         Tying it all together