The HP-GSB Experience

Studying at the HP-GSB will be a life-changing learning experience. The School provides an intellectually stimulating environment where career and personal boundaries will be tested.

Programmes are structured so that you will gain perspective into the components of high performance work organisations, be it in the private or public sectors.

Leadership is encouraged through highly experienced course lecturers who act as facilitators, encouraging independent thought, critical thinking and the application of these concepts to your own unique work situation. You will gain insight on how to become a visionary, versatile executive, leading competitive organisations across various disciplines.

Learning tools include case studies that are based on the real-life experiences, successes and challenges of reputable organisations around the world.

Class sizes are small and manageable, and therefore promote interaction between lecturers and students, as well as between students and their peers. The classroom environment also allows for challenging debate around issues pertaining to the business community- worldwide, regionally and in Namibia.

Your peers will come from a wide array of academic disciplines and professions, each introducing a fresh perspective on operations in their particular industries, making for a well-rounded and fascinating learning experience. The result is that you will engage with different schools of thought, and your personal knowledge will also be challenged.

Group study sessions are structured to illustrate to students how to leverage-off the strengths and compensate for the weaknesses of others, and how talented and skilled professionals work together to attain organisational objectives.

Rather than being inundated with theory that may sometimes not be practical, HP-GSB modules have been crafted to meet the current needs of today’s leaders and are designed specifically to be applied in the workplace.

The HP-GSB student is a competitive, focused, analytical, seasoned agent of change ready to positively impact their community.

Most importantly, the HP-GSB student is confident and competent to lead economically viable, socially responsible and technologically advanced organisations.

You will no doubt raise the bar in your sphere of influence, and contribute to the development of powerful, internationally rated Namibian organisations. The opportunities for career growth and personal progress are many when you complete a programme with the HP-GSB.