Director's Message

Namibia is a country of great opportunities for starting and growing new businesses.  Therefore the challenge is producing highly educated young graduates with the knowledge, discipline and confidence to take up these opportunities.  This is what we are doing at HP-GSB with a great sense of urgency and purpose.  Why urgency? Because nature abhors a vacuum: if Namibia doesn’t produce sufficient energetic entrepreneurs, they will be sucked into the economy from elsewhere.

Students we attract are thirsty for knowledge and excited by the opportunities they perceive around them.  At the same time these students welcome the fact that HP-GSB is positioning itself as an international business school of note, which demands of them an attitude of excellence. They also appreciate activities which establish in the minds of the public that HP-GSB is unquestionably the business school of choice in Namibia.  

These are essential attributes for modern leaders: an enquiring mind, an attitude of excellence and a sense of identity.  In this case: identifying with a School that is producing Namibia’s best and brightest.  HP-GSB graduates will have a major impact on Namibia’s business leadership environment, by being a positive yet disruptive influence continually challenging and redefining the status quo.

From the viewpoint of a prospective student, we must sound a cautionary note, over time it will get progressively more difficult to get a place at HP-GSB. This will be the inevitable result of the rising standard in the School: for this we will make no excuses.  However, once enrolled the prospective student can expect to develop critical and entrepreneurial thinking, an innovative and disciplined approach to problem solving and confidence to perform at the highest levels of business and government.  These attributes we believe are what employers want and expect to see in our graduates.


2014 achievements

The School accepted its first MBA class in May with an intake of 39 students.  The class was selected from a pool of over 100 applicants the majority of who sat the first ever entrance exam.  Classes have been taught using a case-based approach in blocks of two weekends per month, with a new course being introduced each month. 

HP-GSB invited its alumni to a number of events, including pre-graduation celebrations and the Executive MBA breakfast. This was done in an attempt to engage with this important stakeholder group in a more serious way.

The School hosted the first Namibian Customer Service Awards and Conference on customer service in both the private and public sectors. This came after we conducted the first national customer service survey, collecting over 7000 responses on customer service.  The survey covered twelve key services including banking, insurance, municipalities, health and education and is probably the most comprehensive survey of customer service completed in either SADC or Africa.  The survey was used as the basis for creating the corporate customer service awards.  HP-GSB intends to build on this work to develop a centre of research excellence in customer service and service delivery.

On the back of the awards and conference the School took the opportunity to re-launch its Executive Education programme after a long absence of several years, by hosting a Customer Service Master Class. The Master Class featured international experts Professor Moira Clark and Howard Kendall as facilitators.  It attracted over 65 attendees.  Now with the recruitment of Cynthia Kauami as Manager of Executive Education, the GSB intends to build on the success of this event.

Our aim is to establish the HP-GSB as a centre of excellence for customer service research in the SADC region. We are extremely excited and look forward to the develop many new initiatives started in 2014.