Custom Programs

Customised programmes are designed to help organisations meet the challenges and opportunities of the constantly changing business world. We will work with you to create learning and development experiences that are aligned with your organisation's strategic direction, to improve business performance and to drive cultural change.

Customised programmes range from small group sessions to develop individual capabilities and confidence, to more holistic organisational initiatives. In line with our strategic priorities, we will strive to remain in constant dialogue with industry in order to become a preferred partner in building management capacity, finding sustainable solutions and co-implementing strategic projects to meet organisational objectives. 


The following list of courses can be customised to meet your organisation’s needs:

·      Customer Service Excellence

·      Information Systems Management

·      Advanced Research Methods and Practices

·      Making Corporate Innovation Real

·      Business Strategy and Operational Execution: Bridging the Divide

·      Visionary Transformational Leadership

·      Strategic Project Management: Implementing Strategy through Projects

·      Leadership Qualities for driving Innovation

·      Communication for Managers

·      Managing difficult Conversations

·      Networked Government World

·      How to manage innovation risk

·      Leading Change

·      Foundational Leadership

·      Risk Management

·      Emotional Intelligence

·      Coaching Talent

·      Talent Management: A strategic Priority

·      Systems Thinking for Intelligent Management

·      Organisational Intelligence: How managers can use the intellectual capacity of their organisations

·      Leadership: Leading the “Y” Generation of Talent