Master Classes

These are intensive and highly interactive sessions that can cover various business topics. The delivery approach includes applied theory supported by case studies that present industry best practices. The following Master Classes will be presented:

Customer Service Excellence

Today’s customer today is typically more demanding, difficult and marketing literate than they have ever been. They plan less for their future and operate across multiple channels and most importantly have a desire for an experience. The challenge in dealing with such customers is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract their attention. This Class will explore the ‘21st Century’ customer in detail and share with you how to create great customer experiences and map out the ‘perfect’ customer journey.  Through the sharing of case studies, and participative group work you’ll gain a clearer vision of how your business can gain a sustainable competitive advantage in the area of customer experience.

Information Systems Management

It seems almost daily that business and government are hit by new advances in information and communications technology (ICT). Many executives faced by this bewildering range of possibilities either respond by making uninformed purchasing decisions or simply bury their heads in the sand and make no decisions at all. Both are incorrect responses. This Master Class will provide executives with a set of tools that will enable them to understand the ICT environment and make decisions that will add value to their organisations.

Advanced Research Methods and Practices 

Worldwide, the demand for professionals with a business-related PhD is increasing. At the same time, the world of business requires people with high-level research and advanced research competencies. This Master Class uniquely, will expose participants to a range of research methods available for conducting high quality research in business, organisations and academia.