Open Enrolment Programs

These are courses with duration ranging from 2 to 5 days that will be offered in areas of accounting and finance, human resources management, marketing and sales, general management, strategy, leadership and operations management. The level will be at NQF level 8 or 9.  











Course Outline: Foundational Leadership

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Course Outline: Customer Service Leadership Program

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Course Outline: Finance for Leaders and Executives

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Course Outline: Implementing Strategy through Projects 

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Course Outline: Information Systems Management

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Course Outline: Managing the Total Customer Service Experience

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Course Outline: Essentials of Change Management 



General Management and Work Environment


Risk Management Course Outline

Foundational Leadership Course Outline

Strategic Project Management: Implementing Strategy through Projects

Many sound strategies are ineffective due to lack of project management capability to make them a reality. This workshop will teach the fundamental skills required to engage with stakeholders, define and plan projects, and execute them successfully.

Date:  27 - 29 April 2015

Leadership Qualities for driving Innovation

Date: 28 – 29 May 2015

Communication for Managers

Date: 6 – 7 July 2015

Managing difficult Conversations

Date: 8 – 9 July 2015

Networked Government World

Date: 7 – 10 July 2015

How to manage innovation risk

Date: 14 – 15 July 2015

Leading Change

Date: June/July 2015

Foundational Leadership

Date: August 2015


Risk Management

Date: August 2015


Future offerings (dates to be announced):

Making Corporate Innovation Real

Business Strategy and Operational Execution: Bridging the Divide

Visionary Transformational Leadership

How to manage innovation risk   

Managing Communication, Negotiation and Conflict 

Leading Change

Networked Government

Talent Management: A strategic Priority

Foundational Leadership

Risk Management

Leadership: Leading the “Y” Generation of Talent

Organisational Intelligence: How managers can use the intellectual capacity of their organisations

Systems Thinking for Intelligent Management 

Emotional Intelligence 

Coaching Talent