Prof. Grafton Whyte

Professor Grafton Whyte is the Director of the Harold Pupkewitz Graduate School of Business. He has 15 years’ experience as a lecturer and researcher at various higher education institutions such as the University of Western Cape, the Open University and University of the South Bank.  His career has followed two tracks, simultaneously between business and academia.  As an academic, his experience includes managing and lecturing on a variety of post graduate programmes. He relocated to South Africa from the UK in 2007, where he served as Extraordinary Senior Lecturer at the University of the Western Cape (UWC) for 5 years. There, his focus was on the development of entrepreneurial academic thinking in students.  Using his own experience as an example, he challenged students to view a period of study as an opportunity to form innovative business ideas.  Prof Whyte then made the move to Namibia in 2013, where he took up the position of Associate Professor Graduate Research at the HP-GSB. He was appointed Director in 2014. Some of his notable achievements include leading the turn-around in performance of the HP-GSB; creating the Customer Service Management Africa organisation for the promotion and research into customer service delivery in Africa; creating the first-ever Namibian Customer Service Awards & Conference in 2014; and conducting the first Customer Service Nationwide Survey in Namibia, collecting over 7000 responses in 2014. Prof. Whyte is also the developer of the V-Model of Service Quality, a tool for operationalising the measurement of service quality, based on Personal Construct Theory.


Research areas of interest:

Information Systems Management, knowledge management, customer service management, service quality.


Industry consultancies/projects:

Finance and Operations Director for Zimele Sonke Technologies, Cape Town (5 years); Founder and CEO of Service Management Consultants, UK (12 years); UK Systems Development Manager for Reuters (4 years); Non-Executive Director for Business Link South East England Region (2 years).     


Journal Publications:


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